Best Women's Football Project of 2015-2016
A bit about us:

We are the founders of #tagsport football academy, the best youth athletic project, according to Kommersant Weekend, Afisha and Interview magazines.

The school was a prize-winner of the 2013 KidsReview SPORT and StartUp'13 awards.

#tagsport won the prize as Russia's best athletic centre in the "Popularization and Promotion of Children's Sports" category at 2015 Sports and Russia Awards.

In June 2014 we launched
an amateur women's football group
They all flocked to GirlPower for training: journalists, lawyers, middle managers, diplomats, marketers, actresses, TV hosts, and many others.

Average training session attendance was 40 footballers. In total, over 300 women trained with the group.
six months went by, and then
we had a problem
Some of the girls wanted to go pro. They'd had their first taste of athletic victory, when your looks, your money or your status don't matter. The only thing that matters is whether you can be better or not.
In February 2015 we have established
GirlPower Football Club.

We selected 35 staunchest, goal-oriented football players for the club from our amateur group.
GirlPower gets a lot of media coverage:
Afisha Magazine
published a full feature story with an interview
GirlPower is Russia's first all-women
football club comprised
of amateurs, built on professional principles.
We train four times a week.
We go to training camp for two weeks.
We play weekly friendly games.
We participate in meets and tournaments.
months is how long GirlPower FC
has existed
trophies were won by our team
in a year
is the place GirlPower claimed
in Futsal Russia Cup
The strategic vision of GirlPower FC is to become everyone's «second favourite club» in the next 3 to 6 years.
On top of our sports achievements, we are resolved to make GirlPower FC Russia's "second favourite football club" in the next 3 to 6 years. A second favourite club is the club fans of different other clubs root for and follow.

The idea is that this club, for the first time in Russia, will command loyalty almost entirely regardless of its performance in the game. The strategy of a "second favourite club" builds primarily on the emotional makeup of the club and its players, not on their field performance. So, disappointments in the field, which cannot be avoided, will only minimally affect the fan base or income from the fans.

Here are three reasons why this is possible:
Women's football barely exists in Russia: there are only about 60 teams. Solid performance results can be achieved fairly quickly and easily.
GirlPower FC is staffed by women with successful careers: journalists, poets, executives, etc. Most of them have very high media profiles. Liza Surganova, for instance, has upwards of 1,200 friends on Facebook, and Zhenya Kuyda has more than 4,700.
According to opinion pollster VTsIOM, only 27% of Russians follow football religiously or from time to time, compared to 49% in Europe. There is a huge potential audience, especially with the 2018 World Cup coming up, which will take place in Russia.
To make our vision a reality, in 2015
we will:

  • tell the story of each club member in the documentary series stylewith first person narration through the club website, social networks, and intellectual glossy magazines regularly (once or twice a week);
  • profile the club's target audience: "intelligent young people with a middle class background";
  • get celebrities, who are opinion leaders for our audience, to support the club, such as: Afisha Creative Director Filipp Bakhtin, Director of Medusa Ilya Krasilshchik, musician Kirill Ivanov, journalist Roman Super, and many others;
  • release viral videos every month about the club, its players and fans.
In 2016-2018
we plan to:

  • get fans involved in the club's decision-making via the website (form design, ad artwork, player contracts, etc.);
  • make a full-feature TV documentary about the club;
  • receive club backing from international star athletes and pop entertainers;
  • release a women's football uniform collection in partnership with an international brand-name sports clothier (football outfits for women is not available in Russia);
  • get involved in the promo events of the 2017 Confederations Cup and 2018 World Cup in Russia.
We have big plans.
And we're not leaving them unfulfilled!

We are now looking for partners to enable GirlPower FC
to move ahead.

This November, GirlPower FC will be playing
in the Futsal EURO Cup Finals.

We can give Russia its first genuine women's football club together!

Join in!
+7 925 226-1601