#letgirlsplay campaign
March-April 2019
They dream of becoming world-famous footballers, of navigating outer space, making scientific discoveries, becoming pilots and sailors. But far too often they hear the same thing: "this is not for girls". From parents and peers, on TV and online. And they abandon their dreams. Worse, to many girls it does not occur that they can be whatever they like.

We believe that there are no activities not suitable for girls as long as they love it.

In March 2019, we are launching the #letgirlsplay campaign in Russia.
— To encourage girls to dream and try various activities, even those traditionally seen as being "not for girls".
— To show parents that it is not a waste of time for their young daughter to play football even if she will not become a pro footballer. Because football will teach her leadership, develop her confidence and ability to teamplay. It's ok for their daughter to learn how to code, even if she will not become a tech specialist. Because she will be better at analysing and solving problems. And all this she will need in the future. Whatever she becomes.

The campaign will cover a number of activities that are stereotypically considered to be not suitable for girls. But the headliner topic will, of course, be football.
about us
GirlPower FC is a Moscow-based football school and club for women. Over the past four years we have given an opportunity to hundreds of women to train, play in tournaments, and to be a part of the team. We've launched campaigns, held events, and received much media attention from Russian and international press. We're doing this to prove that football is not an exclusively men's game — as it is often perceived
in Russia — but the best game in the world, for everybody.
marketing goals
Here is what the #letgirlsplay campaign will include, and a few examples from our previous campaigns.
Serial short film/video content
Celebrities to endorse the campaign
"When I was little I wanted to become …" social media challenge
Series of publications in online media about girls' access to non-typical hobbies
#letgirlsplay Festival
20 April 2019, Moscow: a one day-festival supported by top international brands where girls try out various activities – from football to coding to science, and parents attend lectures and workshops about all issues they encounter in raising a girl.
Improved image of girls football within the audience reached
More girls inspired to try football
XX number of users reached by the campaign
Women's football put on the agenda of XX top brands working in Russia
how you can help
Endorse our campaign
Share our content
Suggest your content for #letgirlsplay campaign
Attend the #letgirlsplay Festival (20 April 2019, Moscow) as a speaker or workshop leader