by GirlPower FC founders
The first football club where fans decide
We are starting the first of a kind coop football club—a club where fans make all the managerial decisions by voting in a specially designed mobile app.

It will be a women’s football team. It’s by far more fun; it’s cheaper than a men’s team; and the chances to win the Champions League in women’s football are higher.

We are creating a football manager app but for a real football club:
Users make all managerial decisions—from scouting and uniform colour to training techniques and match lineup—by voting in the app. The app’s game mechanics allow users to choose their role and involvement in the life of the club: a scout, a manager, a fan.
Users support the club financially through their app subscriptions. Once subscribed users gain access to a variety of content: lives of training sessions and matches, discussions, voting, and polls on key issues.
With women’s football on the rise around the world, the app will soon become popular outside Russia. The app will be released in Russian and in English. Spanish and Chinese versions will follow shortly.
Talented female footballers from Russia and other countries will get a chance to play for a truly successful football club and become popular.
Here’s what we plan to do in the first two years of the project’s life:
entering new markets—China, Latin America, India, and Pakistan
adding new app functionalities and developing gaming mechanics
sports results­—the ­club will participate in international championships
PR and promotion for some of the players
We are the first of a kind project inspired by football manager games and the open-to-all mechanics of distributed economy. We believe in the power of the community and people’s passion for the game.

We stake on PR, performance, content-marketing, and community engagement.

Project ecomony
GirlPower Pro will utilize monetization strategies of sports manager games and of reality shows. In the beginning we focus on three ways of monetization: subscription, sponsorships and internal game economy.
Basic subscription provides access to content and to voting rights.
We will attract both sports and tech sponsors and partners.
Two types of internal currency
Earned or bought for real money; provides access to various in-app activities.
Expenses split in the first two years
Project Launch
September 2018
start of the PR-campaign

launch of the international scouting campaign
November-December 2018
launch of the app’s beta

sales start

pre-final team selection
January 2019
launch of the app’s alpha

team starts training
Март 2019
team to participate in Russia’s Championship
We will create a club that will transform the perception of football.

You can become part of the project now or join us later—when we become big and famous.

+7 925 226 16 01