Football is a typical example of men’s sport which became like that due to accidental and imagined reasons.

Football is equally accessible regardless of age, gender, income, marital status, etc.

Without requiring any statements, women's football has become a perfect manifestation of women's leadership and community’s support.

GirlPower has been providing systematic support to girl-children, young girls and women for eight years by creating a tolerant, inclusive, and safe environment in which they can pursue their sporting dreams, find their calling, as well as support a hobby after work.

This is especially important now, when thousands of women are facing an unprecedented crisis.

That is why, on the one hand, GirlPower Europe makes every effort to continue a training regime as usual in the new season, while on the other, it focuses on social programmes, creating new opportunities for young females to play football and, through football, assisting other projects aimed at protecting women's rights.

Because, in today's world, one of the most difficult challenges is to create a community in which women of all ages, united by shared values, can support one another and find new meaning and support.

Therefore, we will not only support young girls and women in the current situation, but also assist to mentor the next generation of girls, shaping new values in them.
Developing critical skills for girl-children and young girls
Classical education methods for girls in school and in society do not develop qualities such as courage, teamwork, leadership skills, creativity, or other important «boy» skills. Girls are raised in a system that does not assume they should be able to support a family, that education is the beginning of a career, or that they should be able to protect their own interests.

At the same time, up to 30% of women in different regions raise children alone, without husbands, and the average income for women is 30% lower than that of men for the same work.

Often, this happens because women accept lower salaries. Simply because they haven't honed the skills that enable men to fight for their rights. Because of this, many women work in several low paying jobs to support their children.

Football can help girls develop these essential qualities and skills — bravery in making decisions, strategic thinking, creativity, teamwork, bravery and motivation. Girls learn the boundaries of their bodies, stop being scared of being pushed or feel embarrassed to push someone.

These skills are relevant during childhood, but they might be even more important for adults.
There are so many incredible female footballers in the world, convincing us that we are on the right track, that our movement is more than just a sport; it is a horizon of new opportunities, where knowledge, beauty, and joy have a place.

But so far, professional women's football is not very popular, and female footballers are still becoming role models for girls.

That's why we have created the Guardian Council for GirlPower Kids.

Our guardians help the young girls who train at GirlPower develop outside of football by learning new things, meeting heroes from different fields, growing, and developing.

The guardians also take part in the activities of GirlPower and the events organised by our partners.

In June, we announced the launch of the project «Chance».
It's a ten-day Girl Scouts' Camp group in Moscow where girls no one has ever heard of not only get a trial with big football clubs, but also start a professional career and become stars.

We have received more than 400 applications from girls aged 16-20, most of whom are from low-income families living in towns and villages. They play football and aspire to become professional female footballers.

Throughout their lives, they played in the backyard, in the local football department together with the boys, or even in the local football team, and aspired that one day they would have a chance to play in the big field for a big club.

After having studied videos of the trials performed by the girls, we selected 20 girls from different cities and brought them to the camp group.

And our friends
Stars and Ambassadors
In addition to training and playing with Lokomotiv and Strogino, the female footballers met with stars-actress Varvara Shmykova, journalist Maria Komandna, bloggers Marusya and German *El Klassiko*, singer Manizha, Julia Varshavskaya, Forbes Woman & Forbes Life, Editor-in-chief, the head coach of the Russian national team Yuri Krasnozhan and others.
13 out of 20 received a Chance
An invitation to the teams has been received:
Lokomotiv — 1 Chance female footballer
Krylia Sovetov — 2 Chance female footballers
Dynamo — 5 Chance female footballers
Strogino — 5 Chance female footballers
Partner support
The general partner of the project «Chance» was S7 Airlines, providing the girls with a free flight to Moscow and accommodation at the S7 Training base. S7 also brought their own sponsors to the project.

Adidas, Sportmaster, Forbes, Match TV and also became partners of the project.
Over 70 publications in the media (Forbes, Match TV,, Afisha, Friday, etc.) were about Chance.

Over 150 social media posts made by the stars — Maniza, Alexandr Gudkov, Irina Gorbacheva, Varya Shmykova, German *El Klassiko*, Marusya, etc.
We have released the Goodball limited edition collection together with Sasha Goodkov, actor and presenter, – three pieces about football, style and fun.

Cardigan, waist bag, and woollen gaiters. Sasha Gudkov, the soloist of the group «The Largest Simple Number» (SBHR) Zhenya Borzykh, and actor Nikita Kukushkin participated in the presentation of the collection.

All the key glossy and public media such as Spletnik, Buro247, Vogue, Village, Antiglianets, Afisha, etc. wrote about the collection. Over 80 media publications in total.


For two consecutive year, we have been an organizational partner of the Russian Football Union in the project «We’re in Game», a summer programme of free training and football festivals for girls.

The goal of the programme is to involve girls aged 5-12 in football. More than 5,000 girls have participated in the programme over a two-year period.

In addition to training sessions in five cities, the programme «We are in Game» promotes football for girls across Russia — the programme has received extensive media support — more than 600 publications in media and the social media reach is more than ten million.

The programme was also supported by coaches Leonid Slutsky and Vasili Berezutski, actress Varvara Shmykova, presenter Alexandr Gudkov and many others.

KPI, SUMMER '21&22'
number of cities: 28
number of participants: 5.000+
media and social media coverage: 18М+


Together with actress Varya Shmykova, we released Unfragile limited edition collection — 4 pieces dedicated to yourself and self-care.
A trench, a sunhat, longsleeves, and long shorts.

All the key glossy and public media such as Spletnik, Buro247, Vogue, Village, Antiglianets, Afisha, etc. wrote about the collection. More than 40 publications in total.

Varya, Mariya Minogarova, Natalia Sindeeva, Maria Komandnaya, Lera Dergileva, Julia Varshavskaya and others took part in the presentation of the collection.


For four years, we have been selecting and training coaches using our own method that considers the mechanics of involving girls in football and gradually preparing talents to progress to the next levels of sports training. The key qualities for us are child motivation, involvement, interest and individual development.

For four years, our method has been used to select and train coaches for our own programmes as well as those commissioned by the Russian Football Union, Nike, secondary schools and other partners.

In total, more than 600 coaches have applied for our programme, of whom more than 50 have completed the full course and been offered jobs.
Editors-in-chief and journalists from largest publications, businesswomen and well-known actresses accepted the invitation to participate in the charity training.

The aim is to demonstrate that girls can choose any hobby they like, rather than those that are accepted to do.

More than 12,000€ were collected, sent to support charitable and social projects.

media and social media coverage: 2М+
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